Team R&B 

The tall, sexy beast above would be my hubby, Ryan.  Without him... iNothing.  I used to run this photography thing by myself, but I kind of got cranky. So when we got hitched (#BestDayEver), he took over the biz side so my flighty imagination could soar. Do not be fooled by the logo. He's in charge. He lets me do my wedding picture thing, but he's always there to keep me from getting too crazy.  Always.

About Bethany

I'm very aware that I'm loud. Why is it good? I know how to control the masses.

I'm going to crack the whip on your groomsmen. Don't worry.  They will laugh while doing what they're told.

I will become best friends with your bridesmaids.  

Shy ring bearers and flower girls are my specialty!

My record for eating a slice of wedding cake is 6 seconds.  I will try to beat that at your wedding.

I will ditch my shoes at your reception.  I'm not sure why; it just always seems to happen.  

12/21/87: Birthday

Memphis:  Birthplace

Olive Branch: High School
University of Mississippi: Undergrad
Union University MBA: Graduate School


About Ryan

Things you should know about Ryan :

Yes, I had to write this for him because he is a normal guy and would much rather not write cute facts about himself.

He was born in Memphis, and he is my favorite person in the world.  

He is the brain of the operations.  Don't be fooled by those dimples, ladies!  He's not all looks.  He is seriously a genius.  We're talking '4.0 Biochemistry major' genius!

He is my live-in chef (I'm so lucky), a fantastic drummer for a local band (Loser's Way Home), a wonderful wood-worker, a business owner (AllCourtSports), the best tennis player in Memphis (seriously, he won the Memphis Cup), a precious daddy to our puppy (Chloe), and an incredible husband.