Sidney's Journey

I've waited a very long time to share this story with you. The story of the day I became a mommy.

A few things you should know before watching Sidney's journey:

  • We didn't know the gender. I'm a control-freak. Letting go of this huge thing in my life was a challenge. Since Sidney would be the name for either gender, that made it a little easier - Seriously, the day I met Ryan, I knew we would get married, and the day he told me his middle name (Sidney), I knew that'd be our first child's name. My hubby went to every single doc appointment to make sure I didn't crack. The 9 months of torture was totally worth that one beautiful moment. 
  • Sidney James is named after our two grandaddy's in heaven - Sidney (Ryan's grandfather - and also Ryan's middle name) and James (my grandfather). When you see me tell the gender and name to my father, it's an extremely emotional moment. We kept the middle name a surprise to everyone, so that's the first time my dad found out Sidney's middle name was named after his dad. You'll see he looks over at my grandmother, that was her husband. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything in the world.
  • The hairspray bottle at the beginning. Ummm yeah sorry. Ryan and I got preggo about a year before we were planning. When I found out, I was pregnant, I threw my phone down when I heard Ryan coming and pressed record. He can read me like a book, so I knew I couldn't hide it.

I'd like to say everything went as planned. Of course, it didn't. But God's Plan is perfect.

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A Beautiful Little Country Girl

I'm dying over this beautiful little girl's session!  Mary Magers is the spunkiest little girl!  She is so stunningly beautiful, but she is a tom boy at heart.  I LOVE it.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of her session!  

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A Precious Session with Lela - Memphis Family Photography

The last time I took pictures of Lela, sweet baby had just arrived.  She could barely open her eyes.  Almost a year later, she was bursting with personality.  It's crazy how time flies.  Check out this adorable 1 year session I did recently with Lela and her parents in Downtown Collierville!  Try to not smile!

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Finley's magical journey into the world

The day has finally come for this blog post.  This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.  Amber and I have been best friends since high school.  We even managed to be college roommates and still remain BFs.  We've been by each other's side through all the boy/job/life troubles and also through all the boy/job/life celebrations.   

When Amber told me that her and John were trying to get pregnant, I told her I was there for her whenever/however she wanted.  My heart practically burst when she told me she wanted me to be there from the very first moment of telling John, to the day Finley was born...  And all the amazing moments in between.  

I couldn't be more proud to show off to the world... Finley Claire, my perfect Goddaughter.  I pray you enjoy Finley's journey into her mommy and daddy's arms as much as I enjoyed being on the frontline to capture this incredible moment on one of the strongest and most miraculous days of my best friend's life. 

{This video is completely modest.)

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A Beautiful Beginning - Tripp's Journey Home

Sometimes I go back and look at things I've done... and I can't believe the incredible moments people let me be a part of in their lives.  Check out this beautiful birth video post from February: 

I'm blown away by the power of God and the miracle of life He has given to us.  Kim is my oldest friend.  I've known her since day one... Literally.  Our mom's were best friends and though they did not plan for it, Kim and I were born on the same day in the same hospital... Rooms next to each other... Within an hour of each other.

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A Family Session at Oak Lawn Gardens

Check out this adorable little boy I got to photograph recently.  He was so much fun.  Oak Lawn Gardens is one of my favorite places to take pictures with little boys.  They always have a blast with the train.  ... And you know I had to get a few with his grandma since she was in town!  :)

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An Adorable Session with Brooks!

I can't believe how fast time flies.  Seems like just yesterday I was taking this sweet boy's newborn pictures, and now I just photographed his 2 year pictures!  ... AND, Brooks will be a big brother soon.  Trust me, he is beyond excited about it.

Check out this adorable session from Oak Lawn Gardens.  Brooks was fascinated by their train!!!

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The Most Adorable Way to Tell Husband You're Pregnant

To put it simply, we go way back.  Amber's been my best friend since high school.  John and I also met in high school.  I introduced them.  We went to college together.  Amber was my roommate, so basically John was too because he was always over.

They were my support system before Ryan took over the job.  I love them.

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