A 17Berkshire-Inspired Styled Bridal Shower Brunch

So in case you weren't aware, Nuha with 17Berkshire is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the world.  What I love about her treats is the fact that you get designer treats that taste homemade.  I didn't even like macarons (which is the correct spelling for the dainty little treats she makes - I looked it up) until I had one of her macarons.  

I had the amazing opportunity to work with her again this past weekend for a 17Berkshire-Inspired Styled Bridal Shower Brunch (yes, I know that's a mouthful).  Nuha made Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Pyramids, a Caramel Drip Cake, Meringue Kisses, Croquembouche (the cream puff tower), Eclairs, and Raspberry Macarons.  My favorite part was eating it all after though.  :D 

Check it out below!  Also... Please take note that I have a new number one rule for my life - Gold leaf must be sprinkled on everything.. Always.  Please and thank you.

I love that last image.  It shows how quickly vendors move making all the details perfect for your special events.  

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