Sidney's Journey

I've waited a very long time to share this story with you. The story of the day I became a mommy.

A few things you should know before watching Sidney's journey:

  • We didn't know the gender. I'm a control-freak. Letting go of this huge thing in my life was a challenge. Since Sidney would be the name for either gender, that made it a little easier - Seriously, the day I met Ryan, I knew we would get married, and the day he told me his middle name (Sidney), I knew that'd be our first child's name. My hubby went to every single doc appointment to make sure I didn't crack. The 9 months of torture was totally worth that one beautiful moment. 
  • Sidney James is named after our two grandaddy's in heaven - Sidney (Ryan's grandfather - and also Ryan's middle name) and James (my grandfather). When you see me tell the gender and name to my father, it's an extremely emotional moment. We kept the middle name a surprise to everyone, so that's the first time my dad found out Sidney's middle name was named after his dad. You'll see he looks over at my grandmother, that was her husband. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything in the world.
  • The hairspray bottle at the beginning. Ummm yeah sorry. Ryan and I got preggo about a year before we were planning. When I found out, I was pregnant, I threw my phone down when I heard Ryan coming and pressed record. He can read me like a book, so I knew I couldn't hide it.

I'd like to say everything went as planned. Of course, it didn't. But God's Plan is perfect.

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A Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Ok - So I know I go a bit overboard sometimes with baby showers.  I'm not sure I know how to just have a little shower.  Plus, it's a blast for me to plan all the details.  My best friend, Amber is due in a few weeks.  Ryan and I threw her and her hubby, John, a couple's baby shower.  I didn't get a picture of the invitation, but I put a screenshot of the PDF for you to see.  It was a woodland themed baby shower... Hence the 'chicken salad tree stumps', 'chocolate MOOSE', and 'Snow White and the 7 layer cheese dip'.  Oh, and don't forget the 'Happy Trails' Mix party favors. As sad as I am that the shower is over and I can't throw another until the spring for my baby brother, I am so pumped that we are now in 'waiting' mode for Finley.  Words can't express how much this family means to me.  I can't WAIT to meet little A'corn.  One thing is for sure, she has many warm hugs ahead of her.  So here it is... And make sure you check out the AMAZING cake and treat towers from 17Berkshire!  She is FANTASTIC!

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Just West of the Smoky Mountains

This past weekend, I went home.  Any by home, I mean, my dad's home.  For two nights, I spent my time dodging rattle snakes, slipping in waterfalls, climbing mountains, hiking in the wilderness, and becoming reacquainted with what this dramatic city girl's maiden name (Mayberry) truly means.  

Yep, just an hour and a half east of Nashville (and approximately 50 minutes past that awesome outlet in Lebanon, TN) lies the little 20 square mile town of Cookeville, TN.  Every year, in June... whoever can come will travel from near and far to do what we do best... eat, laugh, and catch up.  

It's a time to gather.  A time to love.  A time to remember those who left a legacy.

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The Most Adorable Way to Tell Husband You're Pregnant

To put it simply, we go way back.  Amber's been my best friend since high school.  John and I also met in high school.  I introduced them.  We went to college together.  Amber was my roommate, so basically John was too because he was always over.

They were my support system before Ryan took over the job.  I love them.

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Hotty Toddy - Football Baby Shower

Little John Morgan is almost here!!!!  Two very dear friends of ours (JC & Nicole) are having a baby boy.  You may recall the photo booth gender reveal where they used their Pic Strip Photo Booth to reveal the gender to their family a few months ago... And also their adorable maternity session we did recently:

Well, this past weekend, Ryan and I threw this sweet couple a baby shower.  We went for a little more laid back feel since it was also JC's birthday!  I met JC and Nicole while at Ole Miss, and anytime you find Ryan and me in the Grove... They are somewhere close-by.

So we thought we'd have a little SEC fun.